On location video taken before latest photo shoot


Eye and ear candy in the forms of the vivid twilight sky and the pleasant chorus of peeper calls heighten the senses as Chris prepares for a photo shoot in North Fryeburg, ME.


Becker images on CBS show Extant

Black Walnut picture next to Halley Berry

Halle Berry on set of Extant. Cape Porpoise shack that I photographed behind her.

Halle Berry on the set of Extant, next to my Black Walnut pic.


New Gas Station Office pic

June, 2014
Mixed feelings when I arrived last night to photograph. My window! It’s partially blocked. On the other hand, something new, something real, an identifier. Also a new computer monitor! And yet again cops stopping, using their spot light on me is always fun. I showed the officer the series on my website and he laughed, all was good.  Check out the entire series (click pic).